Ringler's House on Haunted Hill

Haunted Trail

Last 3 Fri and Sat nights in October


Granger Family Pizza

will have



Please come hungry

Bring the family.

3064 State Hwy 23

Brook Park MN 55007

320-293-7075 call or text

Dark woods trail walked through winding walkways and creepy structures with several creatures and characters who are all out to get you. Carnage claims the first special effect treat you will see at RHOHH with their giant fire blast that gives a nice gas explosion effect on top of it. At any given moment, without any warning, you will hear and feel the heat of this blast almost anywhere on the property (and, if you are lucky enough to be facing its direction, you'll see it). Giant spiders, along with a house of dolls, dark scary mazes, and bloodthirsty creatures, were all thrashing around trying to get us. Once you are out of the trail make sure to stop at the pizza trailer. We had the best Philly Cheese Steak PIZZA ever! They have it all, from super delicious chewy chocolate chip cookies to warm pretzels with cheese, coffee, and sodas along with several types of pizzas at very affordable prices.  Parking and Hot Chocolate are free. Extremely nice staff who were more than willing to accommodate my son's disability to ensure we had a great time. Thank you RHOHH and Granger Family Pizza, we had a blast and are full due to all the great food.

Kelly Graber-McConnell 2019




            Wear good shoes!!!!!!!!!!!

We assume NO responsibility for accidents or injury while attending this event. This is put on by many community members out of the kindness of their heart.